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Do you travel to venues? Yes! I travel anywhere. From the wine country to Fiji, you name it, I'm there.


Do you do make up also? I find that it makes more sense for me to specialize in hair. I feel that having one vendor for both beauty services makes for a much longer day for bridal parties, it leaves everyone just a little less fresh and it splits my focus. Instead of doing both I recommend my unofficial partner in make up, Audrey Crandell. She can be found at


How large of a bridal party can you accommodate? I feel comfortable personally handling parties with up to 10 people. That is a pretty full day. Anymore than that and I recommend having me secure an assistant or two.


Do you work with assistants? I do have a few talented stylists I can call on to assist me given enough notice.  


Do I need a trial? I feel very comfortable working without a net so to speak. However I still strongly recommend the trial. The reasons are many. First, it helps you to trust in my abilities so you aren't stressing about your hair on your wedding day. Second, it helps you to decide what style is truly best for you. Third, it helps you to know if you will need hair extensions to create the look you want.


When is the best time to do a trial? I find the sweet spot for trials is about 2 months before the wedding. You have by then narrowed down your style choices pretty thoroughly. It is early enough to reserve extensions if you need them or to have a second trial if you decide to try another style but not so early that you get to overthinking your styling choices.


Should I stop getting hair cuts and grow out my bangs to have enough hair to style? I find that if you always have bangs, you should have bangs on your wedding day. The idea is to still look like yourself, just at your very best. If you see yourself in photo's looking drastically different than you normally do, you usually aren't going to like it. And do not stop getting your hair trimmed to get length. Untrimmed ends look dull and can't take heat styling like healthy ends can. I recommend you stretch your usual 6 week trims to 8 weeks and get 1/4" off instead of 1/2". You will still gain hair, but it will be healthy. And if you do not feel that you can get the length or thickness that you need for your desired style, ask me about renting clip in extensions.


Can you help me dial in my cut and color for the big day? Of course!