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Trial Appt. - $120 This is a 1 1/2 hr appt. at my salon in Santa Rosa unless other arrangements are made. I start by having a thorough consultations with you. I will want to see photos of your dress, any hairstyles you want me to see and if you have a veil or other accessories I’ll want to see them also. Next we will do a full trial of the hair, and take pictures for us both to refer to. I email them to you after our appointment. We spend the rest of the time discussing the logistics of the day such as timeline, what order everyone needs to be done, etc. Some brides do elect to have multiple trials either all on the same day or in different appointments. I am happy to accommodate your needs and will adjust the pricing based on $120 per 1 1⁄2 hrs.

Up-do's - $120+ Up-do's include styles that are all up, half up/half down, all down but completely curled or long haired blow outs. These tend to take 45 min to 1 hr. For hair that is exceptionally long/thick or for extremely complicated styles that would take longer than 1 hr. I reserve the right to charge up to $20 extra. We will discuss the possibility of that during your trial so there will be no surprises. These prices are the same for everyone, I do not believe in charging brides extra just for being the bride!

Blow-out's - $85+- Blow out's are styled from wet hair usually with a round brush and blow dryer. There may be flat ironing or some curling where needed. Typically blow-out’s take about 30 min. As with all other types of styling, I provide all products. Hair that is past the shoulders in length is considered long and will be charged the up-do pricing of $120.

The Works - $175+ - If you want to really be pampered, or perhaps you need a smooth start to your desired up-do that only a blow-out will provide, you might decide to get The Works which is, as you might imagine, a blow out followed by an up-do/half up-do/or fully down and curled. This service will usually take about an hour and a half and starts with clean damp hair.

Flower girls (up to 7 yrs old) - $75+ Price starts at $75 for simple styles. Flower girls usually take about 20 min to style. If the hair is extra long/thick, if the style is extremely intricate causing the time to exceed 20 min then the price may increase up to $120. Of course, let me know if you think this might be an issue during your trial appt.

Assistants - $50/per assistant/per hour. When you have a larger bridal party than you have beauty time set aside for or your entire party wants The Works, in effect doubling your needed prep time. How it works is I consult with each member of your party and then instruct my assistant on how to prep (getting desired texture and foundation) each persons hair before I do the actual styling. They may also be put in charge of blow outs. So at the end the timing is cut significantly but the end result is in my hands. My assistants are both full time hairstylists and they need to be reserved ahead of time to assure their availability. If you reserve assistants you must let me know of any cancellations within 1 month prior to your event or you will be charged for their time.

Travel - I charge a $50 flat fee for travel from my salon (847 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA) plus an additional $25/hr travel time to the venue for venues outside of Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa $50
Sonoma, Healdsburg and Calistoga $65 Napa and Guernville $75

If long distance travel is needed the bride is responsible for any airfare/car rental/hotel room needed. Excepting in cases of long distance travel (2 + hrs) I do waive all travel fees for parties over 5 people.


Travel times up to 2 hours have a 3 person minimum ($350) not including travel fees.
Travel times of 2-3 hours have a 5 person minimum($550) not including travel fees.
Travel times of 3 + hours have a $1000 min and hotel room requirement not including travel fees.